SqueeteeJul 8, 2020 11:24pm

I'm Lovin' It

The last few weeks has been fun.  My house has been emptied from my ex and the dogs are gone.  Lilsqueetee has started baseball and I have been able to clean/repair the house.

Now onto the fun stuff...

I have been continuing to stream and create videos.  I have enjoyed the little group of people that come around my streams to leave comments or sit and chit chat.  I truly appreciate.  I've had some great success with a Minecraft stream I did this week where Lilsqueetee and I did a build battle for the cooler house.  We managed to break 1000 views after I did some advertising of the video.  I hope this trend continues to grow.

I subbed back up to SWTOR for the month, I needed something to play and I missed playing with some BMF members.  I did find out by the start of August I should be in the testing for Ashes Of Creation so that's something to look forward to!

I plan to stream Ashes the second I'm able to.  I'm sure an NDA will hinder that for sometime.  But I might also stream ashes with just the sound on.  Not sure yet.

Was reading the PS5 price reveal will be on July 13th.  I'm looking forward to preordering that console.  It will truly be something amazing just like every playstation before it.

But enough rambling, get back to gaming!

SqueeteeJun 9, 2020 8:05pm

Going Strong

It's been a pretty good last month.  The world is burning around us but it's been good for me.

I've been making a lot more youtube videos and getting more into streaming.  I've setup a dual camera feed so Lilsqueetee can join in on the fun.  A few people have started to come back to my streams frequently, which I think is really cool.  Some are on the younger end but that's usually the demographic that likes me the most.  Also it's because of Minecraft streams so not surprised.

By the end of June my house should be emptier as the dogs are moving out and a lot items are aswell.  So I'll have way more time to produce and create more interesting things. 

I also plan to do some house projects.  Erect walls and stuff like that.  May do some videos around that.

I probably said this before but I want to do a Gunpla stream or video of me building a kit.  Still a plan just need to set it up lol.

Some looking into the far distance.  I do intend to build an entirely new PC this winter.  My current rig is pushing towards 9 years now and I just forsee something horrible happening to it sooner than later.  The goal is to build a new desk around cable management and water cooling.  Also a 2 PC build to incorporate a stream PC into the main PC.  I have plans.  Not sure how I'll make those come into fruition but I shall try.

Anyways all thanks for reading my rambles. I like to do these every once in awhile off the cuff to share my life.

SqueeteeMay 6, 2020 10:42pm

So Far So Good

So far so good.  The channel has been picking steam back up and things are going well.  Nathan and I have been streaming together and making some fun videos.  I'm having a blast with him.  I started focusing on more Ashes Of Creation content, basically recaping and giving my opinion about their live streams.  And people have been watching. 

I hope to get a Minecraft survival series going once 1.16 comes out.  Nathan and I did a test run episode live streaming and it got a fair amount of views.  Minecraft is as popular as ever. 

I started playing some older games like Jurrasic World Evolution which I plan to make a few videos around the sandbox island.  Just something to relax and stream. 

I do want to make some real life videos.  Might strap a go pro to Nathan's head and play Nerf wars with him.  The knock off Go Pro we have has a horrible whining sound while recording so all of the audio is trash.  Might have to invest in something nice but I really want a new computer instead lol.

I'm running on an 8 year old PC that just won't be able to survive much longer.  I'm genuily surprised I haven't had any major part failures yet.  But all in good time. 

SqueeteeApr 26, 2020 9:01am

World In Turmoil

So the worlds pretty crazy but I'm still making videos.

With lockdown you would think it's easier to create gaming content.  Well in the short span of a few weeks I've become a teacher to my son, while still working full time if not more.  I work my 7-330 shift which more days than before has stretched later into the evening. 

I've also been spending a lot of time touching up my house.  My home is only a year and a half old, but with 2 big dogs running around and the litter of puppies we had it was pretty beat up.  So I've been painting, filling in scratch marks from claws and honestly making a lot of shelving.  I have some big projects I wanted to do this summer like making a basement bathroom but I don't know if I'll have the time considering all I have going on.

But more importantly back to gaming.  So I did my first live stream in a long while, had a few viewers off and on.  Was honestly a dead chat but I had a great time.  I left the full stream up over on YouTube and cut it into smaller videos. 

Next week on April 29th Ashes Of Creation(AoC) will be doing another live stream.  I plan to have my own review of the live stream.  Maybe the word recap is better to use.  My last AoC video I did with no scrypt and a horrible set of notes and had a decent turnout of viewers.  This time I plan to put some more effort in. 

Lilsqueetee has already lost interest in making his own videos lol.  He has a minecraft singleplayer he's really into but doesn't show interest in recording.  So that's a bummer.

But anyways I'm going to keep producing videos.  I'll be doing my weekly Gundam update video which I enjoy, playing around with that format until I have a solid approach.  And I'll be still putting out weekly other Gundam gameplay videos. 

I have plans to do a model making video or series.  Also Axis and Allies Online game just came out.  I have an idea for that game. 

Anyways guys thanks for reading.  I hope to see you all in the comments!

SqueeteeApr 26, 2020 9:01am

The Return

So I keep coming and going.  But this time I'm back for good. I hope.

As I said in my last blog entry my fiance'e and I split up.  I was on a pretty big high back in December after finally calling it off with her, than my mood turned sower with how everything stretched out.  After her refusing to leave my house and having to do the whole court thing she is out.  Thank God.

My son and I are much happier now and our home is so much cleaner and nicer to be in.  We enjoy our home.  My stress is pretty much lifted right off of my shoulders now.

I look forward to getting back into YouTube and streaming.  I can't wait to really grow my channel and get a community going.

I'm planning a return to YouTube giveaway starting April 1st.  Reward being a $25 Amazon gift card.  I'll have more details in the coming days including a video to announce it and the giveaway on my homepage here.

Thanks everyone.

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