SqueeteeDec 27, 2018 11:06am

YouTube Update

Hi all!

With the new year comes new opportunities.  I have been steadily publishing daily Gundam Battle Operation 2 videos for over a month now and want to grow my channel content wise and especially subscriber wise.  I need to diversify.  So because it was the Holidays and everywhere has gaming deals I picked up some new games to feature.  I was gifted the new Spiderman game for PS4 from my lovely Fiancee.  I also purchased Jurassic Park Evolution and Overcooked 2.  And ontop of all of these Ashes Of Creation Battle Royale has been released world wide(with some hiccups) to further increase my content variety.  Now I know some of these games have been out for sometime, but they're new to me and I don't plan to make any content I don't enjoy myself.

I'm planning on following a content release schedule.  This of course will all depend on my real life activities and what I feel is fun and interesting.  I'll be following similar style releases to the youtube channel Funhaus.  They are my top channel to follow, watching each and every video they release.  Funhaus has a weekly schedule they follow with certain days for podcasts, QA, and other themed videos.  Now I'm not planning any podcasts or QAs, however I do want to follow their season plan. 

To put it plainly Funhaus plays a game through a campaign or main storyline and counts it as a season, or a themed set of videos as a season.  So for myself I would play through the main storyline of Spiderman and count it as a season once it's concluded.  Now I could come back in the future for Season 2 with DLC content or I could come back with offshoot side quest episodes outside of any season. 

Then their is the Gundam matches.  I would upload those matches on a specific day, outside of any season setup or plan.  It would be like an anchor for my channel as things change around it.  Now I could grow bored and stop playing Gundam and eventually replace it.  Things do change.

Days that would not have a set theme/video would be free days.  Any video of any source of any content could go up.  Did I fly my drone for an hour and want to put up the raw video? Sure!  Upload a whole Pathfinder session? Sure!  My Fiancee took our dog to the park? Sure! My son building Legos? Sure!  Me ranting? Sure!

So with my thoughts and ideas out in the wild I'll share my rough draft for content release...

  • Monday - Ashes Of Creation
  • Tuesday - Gundam Battle Operation 2
  • Wednesday - Ashes Of Creation
  • Thursday - Gundam Battle Operation 2
  • Friday - Free For Friday
  • Saturday - Spiderman
  • Sunday - Jurassic Park Evolution

Like I said things can and will change.  Somedays I may not have any content to release so that day will simply be a blank.  This schedule will start with the new year to give me sometime to prepare and adjust.

Thanks for taking the time to read this! I really appreciate it.  If you haven't already go over to youtube.com/c/squeetee to subscribe.  Make sure you click the bell for notifications. 

See you space cowboy.

SqueeteeDec 10, 2018 8:47am


Welcome to my new site!  I hope to keep this update section semi updated as time goes by. 
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