SqueeteeDec 1, 2019 4:40pm

It's December!

It's December!  The Christmas tree is up and its raining/snowing outside.  I have a few videos uploaded and I'll be releasing over the next few weeks all Gundam Battle Operation 2 gameplays so far.  None of the videos have commentary so just enjoy my masterful skills lol.

I found out the other night people enjoy, not many but some randoms so far, me editing videos and talking.  SO I think I'll do that more often.  More just me at a PC blabbing away.  And I thank you to those that liked it.

Also I started streaming to Mixer this last week.  I haven't really dug into the whole site and its capabilities.  But I have 1 follower! So that's cool!  mixer.com/squeetee

On more sadder news my fiance'e and I are seperating.  I anticipate my content to be up and down on quality and quantity for the forseeable future.  But things should get better!  I already feel better for the most part. 

Anyways I'm planning a December giveaway. Can't decide what I want to give away yet.  If you have ideas post them in the comments section :)