SqueeteeJan 22, 2019 10:07pm

Channel Update

So a little channel update for everyone.

I started my Squeetee TV stream this last weekend.  It has had a few bugs like videos not loading or the infinite load bar.  It's also run into the issue where after about the 2 day mark everything on the PC seems to go haywire.  Streamlabs and chrome stop responding but the stream still goes without a hiccup.  Very strange.  My mini PC I've tasked with this job just doesn't seem to be cutting it. 

So I'll be shelving this idea for now.  It could pop up randomly or it could be dust in the wind.

Otherwise channel is going decent.  Some video flops and some surprises.  I do feel that my weekend Spiderman and Jurassic World Evolution series are kinda meh at the moment.  Not much viewership.  Maybe my tag game is lame so no ones seeing it or the content I'm making is simply blah.  Either way I'll keep working at it.

See you guys next video!