SqueeteeFeb 8, 2019 1:02pm

Channel Status


I've been working pretty hard on my channel.  Editing the formats of videos so they are more interesting and action packed.  Picking up new games and ideas to generate content.  Working on the pre-production on a podcast my guildies and I will be doing.  But I still haven't gained much traction on subscriber count or viewership.  Perhaps my content is too slow.  Perhaps it's not entertaining.  Perhaps it's too much.

Either way i'm going to tweak my whole production and setup.  I'm going to stick to the content I enjoy.  I don't plan to chase trends, unless they honestly fit me. 

My plan is to focus more on streaming content.  Anything, for the most part, I play will be streamed to twitch, youtube, and facebook.  From that streamed content I will create shorter more condensed youtube videos.  I've already started this and released several videos of my condensed soup format.

Streaming will allow my name/face to get out their more often and to more platforms.  I will be live so I'll be able to interact with viewers and have more genuine youtube videos.

I am also going to cut down or better word, destroy, my content schedule.  I'm not going to stick to any dates, for the forseeable future.  This will allow me to stream more, create less but more interesting content, and stick to my family time.  Anything I create will go out when it's ready to go out.

I will also be updating this site to reflect more of my plans/goals.  And I will be tweaking or updating my youtube and twitch channel to add more info on who I am and what I do.

Well, thanks for reading this and letting me rant about my goings on.  Please subscribe to my channels and let me know how I'm doing.