SqueeteeJun 9, 2020 8:05pm

Going Strong

It's been a pretty good last month.  The world is burning around us but it's been good for me.

I've been making a lot more youtube videos and getting more into streaming.  I've setup a dual camera feed so Lilsqueetee can join in on the fun.  A few people have started to come back to my streams frequently, which I think is really cool.  Some are on the younger end but that's usually the demographic that likes me the most.  Also it's because of Minecraft streams so not surprised.

By the end of June my house should be emptier as the dogs are moving out and a lot items are aswell.  So I'll have way more time to produce and create more interesting things. 

I also plan to do some house projects.  Erect walls and stuff like that.  May do some videos around that.

I probably said this before but I want to do a Gunpla stream or video of me building a kit.  Still a plan just need to set it up lol.

Some looking into the far distance.  I do intend to build an entirely new PC this winter.  My current rig is pushing towards 9 years now and I just forsee something horrible happening to it sooner than later.  The goal is to build a new desk around cable management and water cooling.  Also a 2 PC build to incorporate a stream PC into the main PC.  I have plans.  Not sure how I'll make those come into fruition but I shall try.

Anyways all thanks for reading my rambles. I like to do these every once in awhile off the cuff to share my life.