SqueeteeMay 6, 2020 10:42pm

So Far So Good

So far so good.  The channel has been picking steam back up and things are going well.  Nathan and I have been streaming together and making some fun videos.  I'm having a blast with him.  I started focusing on more Ashes Of Creation content, basically recaping and giving my opinion about their live streams.  And people have been watching. 

I hope to get a Minecraft survival series going once 1.16 comes out.  Nathan and I did a test run episode live streaming and it got a fair amount of views.  Minecraft is as popular as ever. 

I started playing some older games like Jurrasic World Evolution which I plan to make a few videos around the sandbox island.  Just something to relax and stream. 

I do want to make some real life videos.  Might strap a go pro to Nathan's head and play Nerf wars with him.  The knock off Go Pro we have has a horrible whining sound while recording so all of the audio is trash.  Might have to invest in something nice but I really want a new computer instead lol.

I'm running on an 8 year old PC that just won't be able to survive much longer.  I'm genuily surprised I haven't had any major part failures yet.  But all in good time.